About Me

Hi!  I'm Katie.  This is me and my hubby on our wedding day...We got married on the beach at sunset in Maui, Hawaii!

This is us again at my sister's wedding in August.

I am a high school special education teacher in Michigan.  To say that my job is challenging is an understatement!  But every once in awhile, I have the opportunity to touch one of my student's lives and this reminds me of why I entered into this profession!  It definitely wasn't for the money :)

I love to listen to hard rock music (shout-out to Octane on SiriusXM) and I love to read when I can find the time (which is not as often as I'd like...I'm now lucky to make it through a book a year...).  My favorite books are the Harry Potter series, Dan Brown's Robert Langdon series (I still need to read The Inferno even though I bought it the day it came out), and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series (still haven't read the 3rd book yet).

My hubby and I are huge Notre Dame fans, which really comes from living only a few miles from the university.